Testimonial: Oliver Pfeffer

Testimonial: Oliver Pfeffer

Discover Taiji is hands down the finest online portal for anyone seeking to learn or deepen their understanding and appreciation of Taiji and internal power. Sifu Mizner has literally handed the world the “keys to the kingdom” for anyone willing to commit to a dedicated practice.

If you are brand new to Taiji, this is the only program I would recommend. I have checked out many online programs personally, and none of them even come close to Discover Taiji.

If you have prior experience with Taiji or other Internal Arts, be warned: You will not be able to get much benefit out of this program unless you “empty your cup” and follow Sifu’s concise, potent, step-by-step teachings as closely as possible.  After a short time of training these authentic, correct methods in the program’s sequence, whole new worlds of understanding about Taiji and internal power will arise.

Sifu Mizner has developed a complete, integrated and logical system, which if followed correctly, allows you to create the conditions necessary for your inner Taiji “creature” to develop as much power and peace as you like.

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